Placement Agent Services for Private Equity Funds

Fortress Group, Inc. is an independent placement agent that arranges private placements of limited partnership interests for successful, experienced private equity fund managers with established track records. We offer clients comprehensive placement services, in addition to an assortment of more specialized services. Fortress Group takes maximum advantage of its extensive network of relationships with institutional investors to help general partners reach their fundraising objectives.

We work with only a few sponsor groups each year to ensure maximum partner-level attention to each assignment. In each mandate, Fortress Group takes a relationship approach with the sponsor group, essentially becoming a member of the client's team. Our goal is to leverage the sponsor's time, thereby enhancing productivity and maximizing success. Fortress Group works closely with clients throughout the fundraising process, ensuring that each assignment benefits from senior level attention and the experience of our principals.

Fortress Group is a FINRA member firm and a member of SIPC. The firm limits its activities to qualified purchasers under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and accredited investors under the Securities Act of 1933.

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